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Local Projects

With the help of Rural Futures and Menter Môn, Grŵp LlanNi is working on these projects. There is always an appetite for new ideas which will be pitched to the wider group and funding options will be explored for each idea with potential.


Village Planters

Improve the Scenery

This project could involve community groups and individuals in building a series of attractive wooden planters to be placed around the village. They could be built in the proposed community workshop/hub, which would give an ideal opportunity for people, young and old, to both share and learn skills.

The planters could then be adopted, or sponsored, and maintained by Community Groups, businesses or residents.  The Community Garden Group would be willing to provide advice and information on planting.

These planters would be a colourful and attractive focal point and brighten up the village for residents and people passing through.


Community Hub

Central Location

The Hub will be situated in the former piano shop right in the centre of the village. This will give Llannerch-y-medd an exciting, multipurpose meeting space to learn and share skills and knowledge.

There is an opportunity for the locals to have their say in what the space could be used for and all ideas are welcome. It is to benefit the community.

Electric Charger

Eco Friendly

One of the original ideas voiced by some of the locals was to have a centrally located Electric Car Charger.


The location of the Station Café was selected as there was plenty of space but it thinking is that it would also bring more tourists to the village. There are also big benefits with regards to the environment as electric cars is likely the future of travel


Repair Workshop

Learn New Skills

Woodworking, up-cycling and knitting are just a few ideas that people have shown an interest in but there could be many other skills people are willing to share or would like to learn or try out.

A regular repair centre/repair cafe where people of all ages could come to share and learn the skills to repair their own household items is another idea that could gain some traction. 


Volunteer to Help Out

We are always looking for new volunteers to join the group and help make our village a better place. Leave your details with us and a little about what skills and experience you can offer. There are opportunities for all skill levels.

Thanks for submitting!

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